17 Jun 2020

XFiber Automation

For process of XFiber, user is required to input many parameters. This package provides simple process of XFiber by a few clicks.


Note: Avizo units setting should be micrometer. Before start project, go to Menu => Edit => Preferences => click Units tab => set Display units and Working units as micrometer


2 methods can be selected: Auto Cylinder Correlation and Auto Trace Correlation Lines

Method Auto Cylinder Correlation:

 Mode port let user can select several types of predefined fiber thickness in diameter. If don't know a fiber thickness, select  Manual on Mode then enter fiber diameter manually.

 Method  Auto Trace Correlation Lines:

After process of Auto Cylinder Correlation method, OrientationField will be created. Connect this OrientationField data to Orientation Field port. Direction Coefficient port has three radio buttons: Straight, Curve and Curl. If fiber shapes are straight like, choose Straight. If fiber shapes are curved, choose Curve. If fiber shapes are curly, choose Curl.

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