29 Jun 2021

Split and Merge Segments

This module merges the two most representative segments at the intersection points of a graph structure and detaches the others.

Currently the segmentation of individual branches of a tree structure (vascular system for instance) is not an easy task and requires a lot of manual editing.

This Xtra provides a solution to make an almost fully automatic workflow to achieve this individual segmentation of the branches.

The Split and Merge Segments module merges at each branching point of the graph the 2 segments with the highest evaluation score and detaches the others segments from this branching point.
For each detached segment a new node is therefore created as the one new end of this segment.
The evaluation score is computed from one of the point attributes available.
Once a point attribute has been selected for the evaluation, the evaluation scoring and ranking methods can be defined.

For instance: if one picks the point attribute 'thickness' for the evaluation, 'mean' for the scoring and 'biggest' for the ranking, then the 2 segments with the biggest thickness will be merged at each intersection points of the graph. And the other segments will be detached.