24 Aug 2020

Segmentation of agglomerated Ni nanoparticles

This recipe segments overlapping Ni nanoparticles on a high resolution STEM image after which a size distribution of the nanoparticles can also be computed


The recipe is performed on nano-particle samples which have been imaged using S/TEM technique and also EDS mapping has been performed. To start, two input data are required, the EDS image and the high-resolution STEM image (in this example an HAADF image). Pixel size for the provided example images is 2.30nm

The Ni EDS map is processed to act as a mask to isolate the Ni elemental nano-particles out of the HAADF image. After getting the regions of interest in the HAADF image, advanced edge detection algorithm is used to account for the agglomerating nano-particles and to detect & segment each particle

With the final result, a label analysis module can be applied to obtain the size distribution of the particles