3 Oct 2019

Scalar Extract

This module extracts the displacement and strain components computed using the Digital Volume Correlation module.



To unify the local and global approach, the strains were defined in the same way according to the Green-Lagrange strain formulation.


Data [required]:

The type of the scalar field to be extracted. Depending on the scalar field type, the ports are automatically adjusted. If the vector field is connected (.disp), the 3 vector components and the displacement magnitude are shown. If the strain tensor is connected (.strain), the 6 strain components of the Green-Lagrange strain tensor are shown. In addition, the most commonly used strain invariants, principal strains, and equivalent strain (von mises strain) are also active.


  • Strain components: The 6 components of the Green-Lagrange strain tensor.
  • Principal strains: The 3 principal strains (e3 > e2 > e1).
  • Strain invariants: The 3 strain invariants.
  • Equivalent strain: The equivalent strain (von Mises strain) often used to describe the state of strain in solids.