22 Jan 2021

Point Cloud to Spreadsheet

With this Python script-object you can convert a point-cloud object to a spreadsheet object.


This Python script-object is converting a point-cloud object into a spreadsheet-object.

It might be useful if you want to export e.g. the points' coordinates to some other software, because spreadsheets can be exported to ASCII, CSV, or XML formats. Or you might e.g. want to do statistics on the points' coordinates.

The point coordinates are written to the columns CenterX, CenterY, and CenterZ. If data-columns are existing in the point-cloud object, those are also copied to the spreadsheet.

Connect the script-object to the point-cloud object and press "Apply".

In the example project, the local density of a point cloud is calculated and assigned to the points. To get a table out of this, Point Cloud To Spreadsheet is used.