14 Sep 2021

How to Use the Image Stack Processing (ISP) Workroom

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the ISP workroom, an intuitive 2D workroom for automating image processing workflows in 3D.

This tutorial demonstrates, using a simple example, how to use the Image Stack Processing (ISP) workroom. A simple workflow composed of basic filtering and thresholding operations is performed on the dataset by first tuning it in 2D in the ISP workroom, and then applying it to the complete 2D stack from the main Project workroom. 

Get a tour of the ISP workroom.

The Image Stack Processing module and workroom allow for the creation and execution of image processing workflows to process an image stack in 2D (each image of the stack is processed individually). The Image Stack Processing editing workroom features an interactive and dynamic edition environment, giving constant feedback about the workflow being built. Any step of the recipe can be accessed and modified, with immediate feedback about the impact of each change on the final output. It is an optimized 2D setup that enhances and segments datasets in the Amira-Avizo software.