8 Sep 2022

Eval on Spatial Graph

This Xtra evaluates a scalar field at each point of a Spatial Graph and stores the result as thickness attribute of the resulting Spatial Graph.

8-4-2022 4-58-54 PM

This Xtra takes an object of type Spatial Graph and a uniform scalar field as input. The field is evaluated at each point of the Spatial Graph and the result is stored in a copy of the input Spatial Graph, as thickness (radius) attribute. 

A common usage of this module is to connect a skeleton and the distance map used to compute this skeleton, so that each point of the skeleton includes a thickness information.

This Xtra is similar to the Eval On Lines module, except that it doesn't modify the distance map when it is a chamfer map. The Xtra also offers two additional options compared to Eval On Lines. The first option consists in capping the thickness with a maximum value. The second option consists in appending only decreasing values to the thickness attribute of a segment.

This second option is of interest for example when considering a flow in throats. The information of smallest radius of each throat will be propagated along each Spatial Graph segment, therefore indicating where the flow ends in each throat.

To create the module, right click on a Spatial Graph and navigate to Xtra > Spatial Graph Tools > Eval On Spatial Graph.