Help for installation

A script module (TCL or python) is generally represented by a pair of files, one with extension .rc (resource) and another with extension either .scro or .pyscro.

For a TCL script module, the pair of files .rc/.scro should be stored in the folder DIRECTORY/share/script-objects. In the case of a python script module, the pair of files .rc/.pyscro should be stored in the folder DIRECTORY/share/python_script_objects.

The corresponding documentation files should be placed in DIRECTORY/share/doc/html/MODULE_NAME ; where MODULE_NAME is the name of the rc and scro/pyscro files, with the images in DIRECTORY/share/doc/html/images.

The DIRECTORY can be either the product installation folder - also named AMIRA_ROOT or AVIZO_ROOT, or an independent folder, thereafter named AMIRA_LOCAL or AVIZO_LOCAL. The custom resources are loaded at the startup of the application, so you may have to restart the software for the script modules to be accessible.

Installation in the software installation folder: The custom resource will only be available in the selected version of the software, and accessible to all users of the computer. In case you upgrade the version of Amira-Avizo, you will have to re-install the resources. Un-installation is not necessarily simple, as you need to remember which files have been added.

Installation in an independent folder: Each user can decide to connect or not to the directory, which may be shared on the network. It is also simpler, when upgrading the software, to connect to the directory. Note however that compatibility cannot be guaranteed when upgrading the version of the software.

To use a custom-defined directory:

More information is available in the user's guide, section: Automating, Customizing, Extending.